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SeaDek Custom Designs

Open Water Concepts is a Certified SeaDek Fabricator and Installer


Open Water Concepts can help you resurface your entire boat.

SeaDek is successfully applied directly over most molded and applied non-skid coatings. The closed-cell EVA foam provides excellent traction underfoot. Wet or dry. The durable, yet soft, material feels great underfoot or bum.

Open Water Concepts uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to digitize every measurement of your boat. We can create an exact match to your current non-skid layout. Every little notch is accounted for. Learn more about our SeaDek process.

The design options are unlimited. New to SeaDek? Check out our gallery of completed projects for inspiration.


Beyond the Deck

SeaDek isn’t limited to decks. Because of it’s flexible construction, it can easily be applied to the gunnels of your boat too. Here, it helps to deaden sound and unify the overall look of the boat. Engrave the gunnel panels with some custom images if you want. Unlike the graphics on your hull, you will be able to enjoy these while onboard.

SeaDek can be layered to create a variety of depths. Stack it up and create tough, yet cushioning, bolsters. A fabulous alternative to upholstery.

Open Water Concepts can help you learn all about SeaDek’s applications. Work with an expert for the perfect design. We are only a phone call away (772) 266-8449.


Go Below

Take your SeaDek inside. Yep, yank out those smelly, stained carpets. SeaDek provides a practical and beautiful solution for your interior flooring needs. It is a heavy-duty, easy-clean, sole-soothing option for your boat’s interior.

Brought the ocean in with you? Not a problem. It’s made for that. SeaDek provides noise absorption (like from the engines) and superior traction too. The SeaDek pads are beveled to make a seamless transition between surfaces.

Open Water Concepts will take a digital scan of the interior of your boat so that all those complex curves and tiny cut-outs are measured perfectly. We will then cut each piece on our CNC machine. The result is an attractive and practical interior that fits precisely.


Get Personal

Custom means more than an exceptional fit; it means personalized style too. Your boat name, your logo, your sponsor, your favorite fish…anything is possible.

Choose from unique patterns like faux teak or tarpon scales. Mix patterns or dramatically change the look by choosing different color combinations.

SeaDek comes in 27 different colors. Those colors can be layered to create two-tone or even three-tone designs. When cut on the CNC machine the bottom layer colors are exposed. So many possibilities.

Open Water Customs can incorporate most images and logos in a vector format.

Go Custom

Connect with our experts, they will navigate you through the options and give you a quote.

SeaDek Stock

Note: Stock SeaDek products are still made-to-order, but do not require the same amount of design and patterning as a custom job.

Yeti® Cooler Pads

Well, of course you love your Yeti™, it keeps your beers cold. Or fish. You probably like to sit or stand on your Yeti™ too. Add some padding, traction, and style to the top with a SeaDek Tundra Pad.


Fish Rulers

How big was your catch? Have a little proof for bragging rights (or the friendly wildlife officer). Stick a color-coordinating SeaDek fish ruler where you need it most. We have sizes that will fit your kayak, center-console, or sport-fish.


Helm Pads

Boating can be rough. A long day of pounding chop and engine vibrations can feel brutal on your feet and knees. SeaDek’s thick helm pads provide cushion and comfort. Oh, sweet relief. Now you are free to think about how much you love your boat.


SeaDek Sheet Material

Calling all DIY’ers… SeaDek’s easy to cut closed-cell foam and robust peel-and-stick backing allows unlimited possibilities for your boat-improvement projects. SeaDek sheets come in an array of colors, textures, and thicknesses for your job. Peruse your options.

Yes, Please

Note: Stock SeaDek products are still made-to-order, but do not require the same amount of design and patterning as a custom job.

For Marine Manufacturers

Marine-Grade Building Supplies and Precision Manufacturing Services

Open Water Concepts is a specialized service provider in the marine industry. We stock coring and laminating materials for a range of marine installation applications. Our shop is equipped with state-of-the art software and CNC instrumentation that enables us to custom-cut materials to your manufacturing specifications. Our team can create anything from an one-off hard-top to an entire production run of transom cores. What are your boat building needs? Call us to discuss your specifics. (772) 266-8449 or email.

  • Stringers
  • Hull and Deck Core
  • Hard-tops
  • Transoms
  • Custom-cutting
  • Design
We Stock:
  • Divinycell
  • Coosa
  • PVC
  • Carbon Fiber
  • PET. T92-100
  • Starboard
  • Fiberglass Sheets
To discuss your specific manufacturing needs call (772) 266-8449
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