Our Process


Step 1:

Pattern Your Boat

Open Water Concepts uses digital scanning technology to measure every millimeter and curve of your boat. No slippery paper templates or tape-measures to wrestle with! Our digital templating draws an exact replica of your existing non-skid pattern. Even the smallest details like hinges, deck-fill plates, and cleats are scanned and incorporated into your design for a professional finish.
You can bring your boat to us, and we will scan and install your SeaDeck right inside our shop located in Stuart, Florida. Don’t want to leave the slip? No worries, our experts can bring our scanner to you.

Step 2:

Design Your Boat

The design possibilities and uses for SeaDek are as wide as your imagination. It is ideal for recovering existing non-skid surfaces but can also be used for lining the gunnels or providing a clean alternative to upholstered bolsters. The closed-cell foam construction provides great traction, noise dampening, and cushion for all parts of your boat.
Beyond practical, SeaDeck is infinitely customizable. From color and texture combinations to logos and graphics, every detail is adaptable. Get Creative. Go Custom.
Open Water Concepts will help you navigate the options and design your look. Using CAD software, we focus on the details and build upon them until the big-picture design for your boat is perfect.


Step 3:

Fabricate Your Panels

Now that all the design and details are nailed down, we get to work in our shop.

Each sheet of SeaDek is cut on our precision CNC machine according to our digital plans. Our tolerances are within 0.001. All the edges are beveled for a seamless transition between surfaces.

What about all those curves and cutouts that were so meticulously measured? They also get a super-sharp cut, so they line up perfectly on install day!

Finally, patterns, logos, boat names, and images are cut or lasered into the pads. We can accommodate almost any vector image on our equipment to complete the custom-made design.

Step 4:

Install Your Deck

Time to take those before-and-after pictures!

All SeaDek pads come with a robust 3M® Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) already applied to the backside of each sheet. The installation is as clean as peeling the paper off the back and applying it to the boat. Our professional installers will properly prep the surface and install each panel with precision.

The outcome is a stunning, long-lasting, exceptional performance non-skid solution for your boat.

That’s it! Time to get your boat out on the water and show off your new style.


Design Your Deck!

Connect with our experts, they will navigate you through the options and give you a quote.