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SeaDek is very versatile and has a wide array of applications. In the “products” tab, you can find an assortment of retail items that are ready for purchase. However, most personal boats with more complicated non-skid patterns need to be scanned in order to create kits tailored for your boat. This process will not harm your boat in any way and typically takes less than an hour. These digitized files allow us to create an exact replica of your non-skid which is then sent to our CNC machine to be cut. SeaDek comes with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) already applied to the back side of each sheet which makes the installation as easy as peeling the paper off the back and applying it to the boat.

Our facility has three bay doors and is capable of fitting boats ranging from small flats boats up to offshore center consoles. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment at our location in Stuart.

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